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Если вам нужны готовые клановые резервы или слоты в кланах, здесь вы их получите в неограниченном количестве.

The essence of the program is to invite new players (recruits) to our farm clans.

Recruit- this is a player who has not previously been a member of our farm clans or has not been in them for more than 5 months.

The player who invited a recruit to the farm clan receives a bonus, namely: staying (extension) in the farm clan for the period for which the recruit enters for the first time. Number of recruits -not limited.

For example:A farm clan player invited a recruit who joined a farm clan for 3 months. The inviting player receives a bonus: an extension of being in the farm clan for 3 months.


one.On one's own

The clan player writes to us on his own, informs us of the nickname of the new player and independently organizes his entry into the farm clan.

2.Through a new player

The incoming recruit tells us the nickname of the farm clan player who invited him, and we will accrue bonus months.

Clans participating in the program:EBPO,666,GUCCI,oil,SVGE.

Возможны другие варианты.

Если у вас есть вопросы, вы можете задать их в VKontakte или Telegram

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